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    Curtis Dolny commented  · 

    Since this suggestion involves finding the high and the low values of RT over a range, can you also develop and expose these Min() and Max() functions for use in building custom indicators? This would add additional value to VV well beyond simply implementing this request. Or please advise if this comment should be a separate request to be voted on.

    Define Min() as follows: Min() would require three parameters. Min = minimum value of a numeric attribute over some number of periods of type PeriodType. Argument 1 should be any numeric attribute (RT, RS, RV, MTI, CI, Price, Volume, etc), not just RT. Argument 2 is the number of periods and should be configurable from 1 to some large number (at least 99 and preferrably much higher). Argument 3 is the PeriodType and can be Days or Weeks.

    A similer definition for Max() should be established as well.

    This suggestion needs Min(RT,52,Weeks) and Max(RT,52,Weeks).
    I am looking for the ability to use these Min() and Max() functions for the other numeric attributes that VV provides for Stocks, Industries, Sectors and the VVC itself. This suggestion has much potential as is. Since some min and max function is needed to implement this suggestion, I think developing and exposing Min() and Max() functions as I describe would really add value and potential for us Users.

    And while we are at it, why stop at Min() and Max()? How about statistical functions such as Mean, Median, Mode, Standard Deviation, etc, as well?


    Curtis Dolny supported this idea  ·